Can you feel my heart?
My name is Jon. Its just me, no one of importance, and no really cares... I fence, and im a hopeless romantic. My photos are my photos. Feel free to ask questions.
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what she says: i’m fine

what she means: I’m staring into a lightless abyss. Steve Roger’s unconditional loyalty to Bucky Barnes has made me a shell of a human being; the fact that Bucky saved Steve’s life without even really knowing who he was has crushed my soul. If you’re not here to talk to me about the winter soldier, don’t talk to me at all. I’m with you til the end of the line, pal.

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Just before nightfall I decided to take a walk outside. The sky was low, enveloping any object in its reach. It formed a dull, purplish haze - like nothing I’d seen before. The streets were empty. Not a single soul was out. It was oddly peaceful - imagining I was the only one left.

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Bunny master post


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Would the five of us always live within a few minutes of that booth? No… But here’s what I discovered: Our booth was wherever the five of us were together.

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nononono don’t do that you’re turning me on

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Ferrari 250 GTO & McLaren F1 LM, via Octane Magazine (part 1 & part 2)

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Oceano di Gomma (via askthedustontheroad)

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I giovani cuori falliscono.

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Hai mai fatto tanti errori, talmente tanti da arrivare al punto di credere di essere tu l’errore?
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